5 Zambala Wealth Prayer Flag (Large)

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5 Zambala Wealth Prayer Flags:
Zambala Wealth Flags


Size for each page  : 13.5" width X 18.5" length


Five different designs are printed on 5 colors of polyester fabric and sewn onto ropes in horizontal display: Blue- Longevity Flag is represent by Black Zambala (Black Wealth God), White- Purification Flag by White Zambala (White Wealth God), Red- Wishfufilling Flag by Red Zambala (Red Wealth God), Green- Magnetising Flag by Green Zambala (Green Wealth God), and Yellow- Enriching Flag by Yellow Zambala(Yellow Wealth God). They come pre-sewn in sets of 5 flags . These are very well made and last much longer than most prayer flags and its color does not fade easily. Prayer flags are printed with sacred images of the aforesaid wealth gods, prayers and mantras. It is said that wherever the wind that touches them goes, it will carry the beneficial power of the prayers to any beings it meets. Thus bringing more wealth.

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