Incense Powder - 10.58 Ounces / 300 Grams

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In Tibet, tradition of using incense exists since the beginning of human evolution,ever since it has been helping we human in many different form. Buddhism flourished to a great extent in the 7th century AD under the reign of successive religious kings of Tibet, along with the preservation and development of making incense based on the secret tantric text by the great Indian buddhist scholar Nagarjuna. Various formulas for making incense were developed by the great scholar of Tibetan medicine. This contains countless precious and rare fragrant medicinal plants , the precious nectars of the four tradition of Tibetan Buddhism ,and other blessed materials. This has been made according to the instructions in the scriptures and especially blessed with grand offering puja of the Green Tara , If made offering by burning ,we will receive the protection from Green Tara. Incense is an indispensable aid in meditation practice as it purifies the air,calms the mind and centers the energy.

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