Incense Powder - 2.65 Ounces / 75 Grams

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This incense has been manufactured under the guidance of Master Lobsang Gelek, the national level incense maker of Tibet, in accordance with Guru Padmasambhava’s instructions. It has been prepared meticulously by following various guidebooks relating to Green Tara by all the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Furthermore, this incense contains various invaluable incense ingredients and rare selected materials. It even incorporates the nectars of all the four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. After it’s manufacture, this incense has been subsequently blessed at the grand prayer ceremony of Green Tara, Medicine Buddha, Yellow Zambala, Manjusri, Vajrakilaya and Kurukulle for 49 days. This does not need charcoal the incense lights itself. This incense is one of the most pure in the world. It is all organic and been tested for purity by a third party in Switzerland.

The auspicious merits of burning Tibetan Incense include


1. Subdue remove obstacles.


2. Protect from harm and bring forth auspiciousness.


3. Cleanse defilements.


4. Remove impurities.


5. Adamantine realms.


6. Liberate from bad karmas with others beings.


7. Connection to the deity.


8. Open the central channel.


9. Protected by Siddhis and Vajrasattva


10. Helps us take birth in the Buddha realm.


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