Purifying Incense Powder - 21.16 Ounces / 600 Grams

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A ‘Sur’ offering is a Tibetan Buddhist practice in which a mixture of flour, sweets, dairy products and aromatic substances are consecrated and then offered to a fire, or burned as incense each day in the evening. The resulting fragrant smoke is offered to the objects of refuge and shared with all sentient beings. This is created to feed Hungry Ghosts. This is especially important if one has a business, one’s business will increase if offerings are made daily. This offering incense is specially blended to remove karmic debts from past lives in regards to money and to appease the local spirits so they will not create interferences. The ‘Sur’ offering can be used when a relative or friend passed away, especially during the 1st 49 days; it is also done when there is uncomfortable energy (or spirits) in one’s house. THIS INCENSE SHOULD NEVER BE BURNED IN A BURNER THAT HAS HELD OTHER INCENSE.

This ready made Purifying incense powder is the perfect 'Sur" offering made due to the request of many practioners and blessed by many high lamas.

Zambala incense is made from organic medicinal plants and rare minerals from the Himalayas. Formulated according to Tibetan scriptures, our incense contains the precious nectar obtained from Tibetan masters representing the four traditions of Buddhism. A special puja ceremony is performed by the four sects to bless the nectar over a 49 day period. This blessing empowers the nectar with the essences of all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Protectors.

Their incense is produced under strict quality control in Taiwan. Verified and tested by third party (Swiss-SGS) for purity. It burns with no need of charcoal.

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