Sur Joss Paper Lung-ta

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Sur Joss Paper Lung-ta:

When our lung-ta is low, we feel unwell, ill at ease, uncertain and dull, and we find life more difficult. When we raise our wind horse, we become more positive and less lethargic, and can transform our problems into positive circumstances.This Joss paper is extremely relevant for people that are having major problems they need to purify their karma over. It is very helpful for new endeavors or the completion of a project. Traditionally people have used it on their birthdays, New Years or other special holidays for auspiciousness

It is the best Feng Shui tool, as it not only prevents the bad Chi but also transforms the bad into good. It is said that wherever the wind that touches them goes, it will carry the beneficial power of the prayers to any beings it meets. One can burn or throw them into river, sea or mountain.

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