100 Syllable Mantra

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100 Syllable Mantra:
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Many fill statues with various mantra rolls or fill stupa's with them. This is a roll of the 100 Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva. Many traditions will put in any statue at least one roll of this mantra. This roll is very large. It can be split up for numerous statues.

The Benefits and Merits of consecrating the statues are said to be:

Increase in wisdom

Purify defilement and obscuration

Health and longevity

Gain respect

Gracious appearance

Increase wealth and prosperity

All wishes fulfilled

Attain Buddhahood swiftly

Sogshing represents the center channel for the statue and is only a part of consecration.

For fully consecrating your statue you can call us or ask your Root Lama or Master for guidance.

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