5-Buddha prayer wheel non-slip pad

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5-Buddha prayer wheel non-slip pad:

This non-slip pad has multiple uses. On a mundane level, it can serve as a coaster, or as a non-slip pad that one can place on the dashboard of one's car to hold items in place. On a transmundane level, it can serve as an auspicious mat upon which to place offering bowls on one's shrine, or even as a mat for smaller statues, stupas, table top prayer wheels, or other consecrated objects.

The design of the pad represents a basic mandala of the Five Buddha families. Beginning with the blue quadrant, we have the color (blue) and symbol (vajra) of Buddha Akshobhya, which represents the Eastern direction. When placing the pad, especially on one's shrine, this direction should face forward. Next is the yellow Quadrant with the symbol of Buddha Ratnasambhava, representing the Southern direction of the mandala. Next is the red quadrant , with lotus symbol of Amitabha in the West direction. Following this is the quadrant of Buddha Amoghasiddhi, green in color and displaying the Vishvavajra (double dorje), which is his symbol.

The center of the mandala represents Buddha Vairochana, and features his symbolic attribute, the Dharma Wheel, the points of which incorporate auspicious cloud motifs. The three colored center motif symbolizes the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, & Sangha).

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