5 Zambala Prayer Wheel

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5 Zambala:
Prayer Wheel

This five Zambala prayer wheel is designed by Zambala Inc. with the help and advise of many tibetan lamas.

It bears the heart mantras of five zambala family. And will start revolving with the heat of the butter lamp.

It comes with a sticker on which one can write the name of the person who wishes to receive help and the protection of five zambala family i.e. God of wealth.

User Manual:

1. Attach the metal stem and screw to the base. Place the glass tube on top of the metal stem. Carefully balance the prayer wheel on the glass tube. Light the lamp, the prayer wheel will start spinning by ascending heat. (See Assembly instruction figure.)

2. If the prayer wheel is not working properly;

a. Check if the metal pivot on the prater wheel is tightly screwed. b. Regularly clean the inner party of the prayer wheel and class tube to prevent tar accumulation.

3. Regularly lubricate the cleaned glass tube with oil helps the prayer wheel function smoothly.

4. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

5. Don't leave the burning butter lamp unattended.

6. Labels are provided for prayers. Red for living, and yellow for deceased. Write the name on the label and attach to the butter lamp for continuous prayers and positive thought.

Does not include butter lamp candles or votive.



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