7 Jewels and 8 Auspicious Symbols In One

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The Eight Auspicious Symbols are as follows;

1. The Parasol or Dug

2. The Golden Fishes or Ser-Nya

3. The Treasure Vase or Ter-gyi Bumpa

4. The Lotus or Pema

5. The Right-Turning Conch Shell or Dhung ya'-kyil

6. The Endless or Glorious Knot or Pal-be'u

7. The Victory Banner or Gyaltsen

8. The The Whell or Khorlo

The Seven Precious Jewels are

1.The Precious Wheel 2.The Precious Jewel 3.The Precious Queen 4.The Precious Minister 5.The Precious Elephant 6.The Precious Horse 7.The Precious General

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7 Jewels and 8 Auspicious Symbols In One:

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