8 Auspicious Symbols All In One (S)

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The Eight Auspicious Objects can be used as either antidote or enhancer:
1. Place the 8 Auspicious Object in the center to bring in good fortune to your whole family in the whole of Period 8. 
2. To increase wealth luck, place it in the southeast corner of your living room or office to continuously generate wealth luck that grows exponentially. 
3. To increase fame and popularity place it in the south corner to continuously bring recognition luck that leads to career success. 
4. Place this object as the cure-for-all-worst-situation in areas where malevolent energy as a result of bad flying stars or due to your horoscope strikes. This cure is very powerful and normally used in situations where other cures are not powerful enough to work.
5. Place this object looking out at the maindoor for protection against accidents and robberies. 
6. Place this object to counter shar chi due to rushing energy. The object would slow down rushing chi. Besides, it is also used to welcome in positive energy through chi entry points such as the doors and windows.
7. Place it on your work desk or in the vicinity where you usually spend your time to obtain overall good luck in all pursuits and protection against bad luck.
8. Place this object in your sheng chi direction to invite smoothness in all your life's pursuits, especially in career and relationship.

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8 Auspicious Symbols all in one:

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