Aluminum Acrylic Stupa

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Aluminum Acrylic Stupa:
Size-12 cm (Height)

Size- 4.6" Height 

This beautiful stupa 4.75 inches tall and is made from acrylic with a gold plated aluminum base and top. . The top and bottom comes off to put relics in. Stupas are a monument to enlightened activity and often contain the relics and ashes of beloved teachers. The Buddha said to even gaze at a stupa guarantees enlightenment. 

Quote about stupa by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse, Rinpoche:

"This stupa is called a dharmakaya stupa. Within it, the guru dwells unchanging. The Buddha said that whoever sees a dharmakaya stupa will be liberated by the sight of it. Feeling the breeze nearby the stupa liberates one by its touch. The sound of the tinkling of the small bells hanging on the stupa liberates one by their sound. having thus seen or experienced this stupa, by thinking of one's experience of it, one is liberated through recollection."


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