Amethyst 6mm Mala

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Amethyst 6mm 108 Bead Mala

Amethyst crystal is one of several varieties of quartz, which gives it a crystal trigonal system. As such, it is a powerful working ally in many dimensions.

Amethyst healing properties are as plentiful as the stone itself. It is thought of mostly as a protective stone. It is linked to the crown chakra and is helpful in PURIFYING the MIND and clearing it of negative thought patterns. This includes the negative frequencies of stress and anxiety, which is why many who experience high levels of tension choose to meditate with it.

Amethyst healing properties are especially useful in regards to work-related stress, as the stone is also associated with ABUNDANCE; therefore relieving stress while emanating PROSPERITY.

Its innate properties, which facilitate INTUITION and CLEAR COMMUNICATION can be harnessed to open and expand into any area of one’s life.

All Zambala malas are handmade in Nepal and on the Tibetan plateau, then each is blessed by a Tibetan Buddhist Lama.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee—you can return your mala for any reason within 30 days for exchange or a full refund.

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