Bam Seed Syllable Protection Pendant

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This gold-colored alloy pendant features the BAM seed syllable in the middle, surrounded by two inverted triangles which form a six-point star. This star forms the foundation for Vajrayogini’s mandala, in Tibetna Buddhism, it is known as the “origin of phenomenon”.

The BAM seed syllable is extremely powerful in warding off evil magic and spirit harm. One who wears this syllable close to their heart is protected from many types of problems caused by the bad intentions of others and by spirits who have been accidentally offended by one's speech or deed. This pendant is a great amulet for all those in powerful positions in an organization, and is especially suitable for those who are involved with the type of work that involves the physical environment - such as - agriculture, mining, oil rigging, quarry digging, soil moving, tree cutting, construction and so on.

The rim is surrounded by the powerful mantra OM PÄDMO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT, known as the Wish-Granting Wheel mantra . The mantra is said to purify defilements, cleanse negative energy and provide protection. On the reverse side is the 8-spoke dharma wheel, with the norbu (wish fulfilling gem) in the middle.

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