Bell and Dorje 5 leaf (M)

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Bell and Dorje:
5 leaf

Metal Bell and Dorje medium size (5 leaf)  Bell 6.7"H; Dorji 3.7"L; Beautiful & finest details w/ great sound

The ritual set of a bell and vajra (dorji) symbolizes the perfect union of wisdom (bell) and method (vajra). The resonance of the Bell and Vajra invokes the blessings of Buddha and benefits all sentient beings.

The Bell represents the feminine principle of the Perfection of Wisdom; the bell is held in the left hand (wisdom hand); when the bell is rung it proclaims the sound of emptiness (Wisdom).

The Vajra (Dorji) is the symbol of the thunderbolt--the indestructible path of the Vajrayana Buddhism. The Vajra represents the male principle; it is always held in the right hand (method-skill); the Vajra destroys ignorance yet itself is indestructible.

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