Kurukulla smokeless incense powder

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Zambala’s herbal ‘Smokeless Incense’ is for the first time introduced in the USA. Our ‘SMOKELESS’ Incense is easy to carry and can be used anywhere you want …in public places, restaurant, airplane, office, school etc. Just smell once and you will fell the difference. Organic & Environmentally friendly…..Create your own sacred space, bring calm and harmony in your mind & daily life…..

We have been asked by several people if we knew of anyway to use incense without the smoke and we have found the perfect solution. You can open a package of these incense and pour the contents in a vessel close to you and have the pleasant aroma without the smoke. These can be taken anywhere and you can open the packet and smell the incense. This incense can be burned too without the use of charcoal.

As a result of merits accumulated by way of offering fragrant incense out of pure faith and devotion to the three principle jewels and an ocean of buddhas, one's illnesses caused by disturbed elements and evil spirits would be pacified, and one's lifespan, merits realization and wealth would be increased. Also, the merits will facilitate fulfillment of one's wishes and free from harms and obstacles caused by humans and other beings. Being freed from all such harms one would be able to keep pure ethics and vows and generate precious Bodhicitta in one's mind. Through these one will accomplish the two types of accumulation and purify the two types of mental obscuration and attain the omniscient state of enlightenment. Such are the benefits of fragrant incense. From TALUNG TSETRUL RINPOCHE.

This box contains 30 packets that were blessed and consecrated during a 49 day puja. 



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Kurukulla smokeless incense:
Kurukulla smokeless incense

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