Destroying( Five Vajra ) Mandala 24 Hour Incense Burner

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The 5 Vajra or Destroying Mandala Incense Burner comprises many symbolic elements. The Wheel of Time Vajra (Kalachakra) represents the center channel and the mantra of Kalachakra  “ OM AH HUM HOH HAM KSHAH MA LA VA RA YA HUM PHET” The four directions depict Wrathful Deities with their respective mantra. As the incense coil burns around the center and four directions it invokes the powder of the Kalachakra and Deities to subdue the demonic influences, eliminate internal fears and confusion of the mind.

It is very auspicious to use the five Vajra Incense Burner, prior to beginning a new venture or activity.

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