Destroying( Five Vajra) Offering Bowls

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Destroying Offering Bowls:
Five Vajra Offering Bowls

These beautiful 3.25 inches in diameter, 2 inches height Offering Bowls are made of iron, with cloisonne-like designs.  The sets are sold as 8 pieces.This is a great set for an altar and use with a 24 Hour Destroying Incense Burner.

Offering bowls are an essential part of any altar or shrine. You are making offers to the Buddha and the Bodhisattva's. Each bowl represents a specific offering. Once made they help all other sentient beings as described bellow.


  • Water for drinking for those in the lower realms that suffer from thirst
  • Water to bath wash away negativity and obstacles
  • Flowers to benefit those making the offering
  • Incense to aid in the realization of the profound of discipline. It has been said that those that have perfected discipline is surrounded by a sweet fragrance
  • Lamp to lighten the path to enlightenment
  • Perfume is so negative patterns caused by The Three Poisons can be purified
  • Food to help those starving and that we begin to understand that meditation is the food we can all survive on
  • Music to please the sense of the deities.
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