Dragon Eye Bodhi Seed 108 10mm Bead Mala

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Dragon Eye Bodhi Seed

Bodhi Seeds Are the symbol of Wisdom and are revered by Buddhists, a Bodhi Seed is considered auspicious to use for all practices, and represents a spiritual promise, dedication, to faith.

The term Bodhi is used by Buddhists to reference the tree under which Buddha attained Enlightenment.

Having a Bodhi tree seed close to your body can help you Center your energy in a positive way. Sharing the beauty of a tree seed can be very healing and can help you reconnect with the sacredness of life and living things.

By coming into contact with a seed of the Bodhi tree you begin to resonate with the Bodhi tree’s energy and become more Centered and Grounded, which helps you to remain Calm, Balanced and strong at the physical and mental levels.

The Dragon’s Eye Bodhi help to harness one’s Inner Fire in the realms of Creation. Opening more and more, through use in Practice.

All Zambala malas are handmade in Nepal and on the Tibetan plateau, then each is blessed by a Tibetan Buddhist Lama.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee—you can return your mala for any reason within 30 days for exchange or a full refund.

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