Enriching ( Five Zambala ) Offering Bowls

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Enriching ( Five Zambala ):
Offering Bowls

These beautiful offering bowls are 3.25 inches in diameter, 2 inches high.  They are made of iron, with cloisonne-like designs.  The sets are sold as 8 pieces.This is a set of zambhala Enriching Cups.
zambala encompasses all of Buddha families. The five forms of zambala have vowed before the Buddha to liberate all sentient beings and protect the dharma. zambala is the Bodhisattva of wealth and prosperity, providing freedom from the suffering of poverty so that one can focus on the path of spirituality rather than a materialistic focus. If we have obstacles to prosperity making an offering with a sincere heart and without selfishness, thinking that all sentient beings can have wealth, and even what you receive you will share freely. One then accumulates the causes for happiness, obtains good fortune, and receives uncountable benefits. zambala also can transform obstacles and failures into success very quickly.

Offering bowls are an essential part of any altar or shrine. You are making offers to the Buddha and the Bodhisattva's. Each bowl represents a specific offering. Once made they help all other sentient beings as described bellow.

  • Water for drinking for those in the lower realms that suffer from thirst
  • Water to bath wash away negativity and obstacles
  • Flowers to benefit those making the offering
  • Incense to aid in the realization of the profound of discipline. It has been said that those that have perfected discipline is surrounded by a sweet fragrance
  • Lamp to lighten the path to enlightenment
  • Perfume is so negative patterns caused by The Three Poisons can be purified
  • Food to help those starving and that we begin to understand that meditation is the food we can all survive on
  • Music to please the sense of the deities.
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