Feng Shuei Charms(Deity Mandala)

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Feng Shuei Charms:
Deity Mandala

These Feng Shuei Charms are hand woven amulets containing mantras, sacred diagrams, and an image of the meditational diety.
They offer powerful protection and are blessed by many high Lamas.
They can be worn, hung in one's car, over the doorway, or in one's living space.

The List of amulets:

1. Lion Face Dakini/Simhamuka

2. Amitayus

3. White Tara

4. 2 Arms Black Mahakala

5. Vajrapani

6. Dorje Drolo

7. Sri Devi/Palden Lamo 

8. Vaishravana/Kubera 

9. Amitabha

10. 6 Arms White Mahakala 

11. Vajrasattva

12. Sitatapatra/Dukar

13. Ekajathi

14. Medicine Buddha

15. Guru Rinpoche/Padmasambhava

16. Manjushri

17. Chenrezig

18. Stupa (various colors)

 size:3X2.8 cm

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