Glass Butter Lamp

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4.3" Diameter x 3.5" H

This is specially design to burn under the Revolving Butter Lamp. Unlike other butter lamp it has central channel so that light of the lamp is fixed in the center, thereby the revolving part on (bearing a mantra) top will keep on turning.

It comes with one butter lamp's 'dungray' stand and 3pcs. of 'Dungray' i.e. butter lamp tip or head. one 'dungray' can burn for around 168 hours.

In the Buddhist Tradition, Butter Lamps symbolize the clarity of wisdom. Offering Butter Lamps creates harmony, and generates merits while promoting success, prosperity, longevity, and world peace. It also helps to avert obstacles, pacify the upheaval of the five elements, and heal diseases. When offered on behalf of the deceased, prayers are usually recited for their liberation in the Bardo and rebirth in a Pureland. They are part of every alter or shrine. Butter Lamps are put between the fourth and fifth offering bowls representing illumination of wisdom.

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