Good Fortune 16" Stick Incense

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Good Fortune 16" Stick Incense:
Size: 16" Stick

Tibetan Incense for good fortune is a very unique incense made primarily from Ganden sweet grass which grow naturally around the sacred ganden monastery which was founded by the great master Tsongkhapa. 

Special merits of Tibetan Incense for good fortune are: 

1. Alter ones destiny.

2. Cleanse all kinds of impurities. 

3. Exorcise evil and foul domains.

4. Prevail over obstacles caused by bad "Feng-shui".

5. Adamantine realms.

6. Ward off evil spirits. 

7. Gain protection of all the gaurdian spirits.

8. Open the central channel. 

9. Gain religious merits.

10. Facilitate rebirth in Buddha realm. 

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