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Save 30-50% on Almost Everything in Our Alhambra, California Gallery

Sale Runs Mar 28 - 31
Thursday - Sunday

Gallery Open Tue - Sun
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM - Closed Mondays

New Team & Inventory
Beautifully Remodelled Gallery

Tibetan Buddhist Imports

Statues, malas, ritual items, prayer flags and wheels, votives, jewelry, and more.


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Malas — Save 50%

Our malas are handmade in Nepal and on the Tibetan Plateau, then each is blessed by Tibetan Buddhist Lamas. In-store special only.


Incense — Save 50%

We carry over a hundred varieties of incense for all purposes, from room freshening to smoke puja. In-store special only.


Prayer Flags — Save 30%

In-store special only.


Prayer Wheels — Save 30%

In-store special only.


Jewelry — Save 30%

In-store special only.


And More — Save 30-50%

In-store special only.


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Customer Testimonials

"Love this Sanctuary in the city! Beautiful people, sacred artifacts and so much pure medicinal incense. Something for every altar and ceremony."

Autumn Waters   -   Feb 15, 2019

"This place is magical! There are amazing Tibetan products for every budget, and the staff is incredibly helpful. I will visit this awesome store again and again.

Jerry Allen   -   Mar 1, 2019

"A brilliant collection of prayer beads, incense, relics, prayer wheels, masterful oriental artwork, and much more. When I went to Zambala I was greeted by the lone employee in the store. She was very nice and helpful, very knowledgeable about the Tibet collection."

Jake Barnett  -   Mar 5, 2019