Green Tara Blessed Treasure Vase (L)

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Green Tara Blessed Treasure Vase : Size-Large 

Green Tara is a very popular Female Deity in Tibetan Buddhism, particularly in the Sakyapa Tradition.

Her practice is very helpful for improving health, wealth, wish fulfill and spiritual energy.

“Tibetan Wealth Treasure Vases are a powerful ancient tradition for Magnetizing Blessings, Prosperity, Health and Wisdom. The great Master Guru Rinpoche gave precise instructions for creating and blessing these vases to instill them with the power to re-balance the 5 elements, attract earth abundance wealth, pacify disharmony, and rejuvenate healthG

Each vase is filled with Sacred Substances, prescribed by Guru Rinpoche, including Blessed Medicine Balls known as Yang Dze Kun Du Rilbu (essential wealth collecting pills) and Jung Chu Rilbu (pills that possess the vitality of the fiver elements), and thus can balance the disturbance. 

By possessing one of these Sacred Vases, you not only bring blessings to yourself, but also to your family and your home or business and career."

Note: This Vase is fully consecrated and sealed shut, so it should never be opened. If did, the Vase's Consecration is lost and its Magnetizing Properties disappear.

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Green Tara Blessed:
Treasure Vase

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