Green Tara Copper Statue

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Attribute : Copper
Size : 3"

Green Tara, is one of the most important and beloved deities in Tibet. She is the Bodhisattva of all of the Buddha's past, present, and future activities. Green Tara always has one leg folded underneath herself and her other leg is extended out as if she were going to jump up at any moment. While Green Tara can be fierce she is still associated most with compassion. She helps followers face and overcome their fears in life in order to accomplish their higher activities.

Green Tara can help in difficult and arduous situations and will come swiftly when called upon. She helps us cross over from unhappiness to happiness and from darkness to enlightenment. She can eliminate any source of pain from physical to emotional. The first Dalai Lama said, "Green Tara can save you from pride, delusions, hatred, envy, robbers, persons with fanatical views, prisons, avarice, floods lust, and doubts. "An image of Green Tara can help all of her qualities to manifest for you.

The Mantra of Green Tara: OM TA RA TU TA RA TU RU SVA HA

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Green Tara Copper Statue:
Size: 7.6 cm

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