Green Tara Puja CD & Sutra

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Green Tara Puja:

An original and complete reappearance of the assembly practices, Vocal lead by Khenpo Pema Chompel Rinpoche. Chorus by venerable Lamas. Suitable for the four schools. An exact translation of practice manual in Tibetan, Chinese and English. Accompanied by Dharma instruments.

1) The verses of the eight noble auspicious ones
2) The great cloud of prayers and blessings that subdue the entire animate and inanimate worlds
3) Prayer to GURU Rinpoche padmasambhava
4) NYINGMA lineage prayer
5) PALYUL lineage prayer
6) The MANDALA offering to holy noble TARA
7) The long MANDALA offering
8) The twenty-one homage to TARA
9) Benefit verses (the twenty-one TARA)
10) The hundred syllable MANTRA
11) Prayer to the twenty-one TARA
12) Dedication
13) Long life prayer for H.H. Penor Rinpoche
14) Request Lamas to remain firm
15) Prayer to preserve the PALYUL tradition

Comes with a complete GREEN TARA PUJA TEXT sutra in English, Tibetan, and Chinese

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