Handheld Prayer Wheel

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A very unique Gold Plated with Clear case hand held Prayer Wheel. You can see the mantra roll. It is 6 inches.

One visualizes one's nature in the form of Four-Armed Chenrezig, the Great Compassionate One, and recites the six-syllable mantra. Chenrezig is the heart son of the Buddha Amitabha. He made the commitment in front of Buddha Amitabha to benefit all sentient beings until the end of cyclic existence.

In the sutras it is said, "Hearing the name and qualities of Chenrezig with faith becomes a cause to purify even the five heinous negative karmas, and hearing the name becomes a cause to be born in 'Dewachen', the Buddha Amitabha's pure land. Hearing the six-syllable mantra once becomes cause to be born in the higher realms. Even reciting this mantra in the ears of dying animals will make the connection to be reborn in 'Dewachen'. It possesses inconceivable beneficial effects."

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