Little Tibetan Lamas (Musical)

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Little Tibetan Lamas:

The Little Tibetan Lamas represents the innocence and cheerfulness of the "Lotus Virgin Child". These lamas depict the traditional art form of a Buddhist monk. The adolescent portrays our true nature and the essences of returning to a simple and pure life. The lama is the Guru (Master and Teacher) who teaches the Buddha Dharma and has great compassion for all sentient beings. They are the perfect teachers and role models to learn from. These ritual images invoke the heart of Buddhist teachings. The Little Lama will bring joy and happiness to o love the Dharma and cultivation.

Cymbal: To summon people to listen to the Dharma Teachings.

Horn: To invoke the Dharma protectors to watch over the temple and Dharma Teachings.

Gyaling: To invite the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for the Dharma Teachings and to create a serene environment.

Dharma Drum: To spreat Dharma Teachings; to help all sentient beings to crossover from samsara.

A 4 piece set. Statues are made of poly-resin.

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