Manjushree/ Manjusri 24 Hrs Coil Incense

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This contains countless precious and rare fragrant medicinal plants, the precious nectars of the four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, and other blessed materials. This has been made according to the instructions in the scriptures and especially blessed with grand offering puja of Manjushri. When offering by burning, we will receive the blessing of Manjushri , helping us gain wisdom and understanding. This is also a good choice for the Destroying 24 Hour Burner since Yamantaka, who is a deity of the burner, is a manifestation of Manjushri.

When we decide to open the Nalanda Trading Company we knew that our flagship incense was going to be the deity incense from Zambala. Their pure, natural Himalayan incense is made from the finest organic ingredients. The great Indian Buddhist Scholar, Nagarjuna and other scriptures from precious organic botanicals and rare earth minerals formulate them according to Tantric Text. Each batch is blended and blessed by Tibetan High lamas during the Deities 49 days of Prayer and Puja. They are produced under strict quality control in Taiwan. Verified and tested by third party (Swiss-SGS) for purity. The Buddha taught that the first thing you should smell upon waking is incense.

This box contains 10 coils that last for 24 hours which can be used for smoke offerings with our 24 Hour Coil Incense Burners.

Attribute : 10 coils
Size : 24 hour

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Manjushree/ Manjusri:
24 Hrs Coil Incense

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