Manjushri Blessed Treasure Vase(S)

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Manjushri Blessed:
Treasure Vase

This vase was filled by monks in Taiwan and then blessed by Talung Rinpoche, Ogen Rinpoche and Sakya Rinpoche. This vase has all of the properties described bellow with an emphasis on attracting wealth in every area we need to be wealthy in repelling ignorance.

Padmasambhava introduced Treasure Vases to Tibet. He gave specific instructions on how to create and what sacred items need to be put inside them. Today they are still made by his instructions. It has it’s beginning’s in the Treasure Vase of the Eight Auspicious symbols. The blessings, pacification and improved environment created by the vases extends for 15 miles outward from the vases location. By the sacred contents and rituals employed during its creation, the treasure vase has the power to magnetize wealth and abundance, improve health & healing, pacify anger & conflict, and increase wisdom and compassion.

Traditionally, Tibetan Treasure Vases are given on auspicious occasions such as births, weddings, housewarmings or new ventures. They are kept in one’s home or business, or buried at a chosen site. The vases are the perfect feng shui remedy to restore vitality and harmony to elements (earth, air, fire, water and space) that are imbalanced, disturbed or depleted by environmental pollutants. Within the areas surrounding the vase, direct experiences of well being will occur.

Manjushri is the bodhisattva of Wisdom, his name means, “He Who Is Noble and Gentle.” While he is the oldest known bodhisattva he is by far the youngest, which signifies that wisdom is inherent within our nature. He has a double-edged flaming sword in his right hand. This signifies that while one side cuts through our ignorance and sense of self, the other side is cutting through our karmic obstacles. The flames signify the transformation that cutting through achieves. In this statue there is a lotus flower near his shoulder, which represents the ultimate realization of enlightenment.

Manjusri is one we can turn to when we seek wisdom. For example needing to be sharp for an interview or test. Having an image of him near generates his qualities.

The Mantra of Manjushri: OM AH RA PA TZA NA DHIH

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