Pacifying ( Chenrezi )24 Hr Mandala Incense Burner

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Pacifying ( Chenrezi )24 Hr Mandala Incense Burner:

The Chenrezi (kuan Yin) of pacifying Mandala incense burner is comprised of many symbolic elements. Chenrezi represents the center channel and the mantras "Om Mani Padme Hum". The four directions portray Four Heavenly Kings (Guardians of the World) with their respective mantras. As the incense coil burns around the center & the four directions which invokes the power to remove the obstacles quickly, incense good fortune, enhance wisdom and the assist on the path of enlightenment. The Chenrezi incense burner is very beneficial for calming thoughts, averting disasters, eliminating negative influences and purifying our speech thought and action. 

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