Purifying Incense Powder -500 Grams

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Purifying Incense Powder:
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This Unique purifying incense blend has been consecrated by Tibetan masters during a 49 day Tibetan Buddhist Grand Prayer Ceremony for Sur Offerings.

"Sur (meaning liberation /purifying in Tibetan) is a powerful Tibetan Buddhist Practice which offers a mixture of aromatic substances formulated according to ancient Tibetan and Indian scriptures. 

Ingredients include flour, sweets, dairy products, rare Himalayan wild crafted fragrant medical plants, minerals, gemstones and precious blessed nectar pills of the 4 Traditions of Tibet Buddhism.

"Sur" offering is a perfect way to harmonize energy dynamics environmentally wherever we work, live, play, and is a comprehensive supportive factor in spiritual practices. Businesses can benefit as this offering removes karmaric depts and appeases the local environmental guardians. The "Sur" offering can be used during the first 49 days after death to assist in transition and liberation. 

Though offerings of this beneficial blend, may all beings be liberated and free of suffering. May any obstacles to your positive actions, health, wealth, wisdom and path to enlightenment be instantly removed for the benefit of all. 

Product: Purifying Incense Powder

Weight: 500 gm


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