Silk Katag Embroidery

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Silk katag embroidery, Size:48x240 cm.:
Available in 5 colors

In Tibetan Buddhism tradition, khata or katag is used as an offering of goodwill to the deities, the lama and/or gesture of friendship to common friends.

This is our latest luxury khata/katag collection. The material is silk brocade, embroidered with 8 auspicious symbols. They are available in five colors, i.e., white (silvery white), green, red, cobalt blue, and yellow (saffron). All the colors are rich and the material silky to touch.

The size is larger than most khatas (katags), i.e., 95 x 19 inches. It is long enough to use as a shawl/stole/wrap; and even as a beautiful altar or table runner.


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