Stars & Moon Bodhi Seed / 108 6-7mm Abacus Beads

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 Genuine Buddhist Stars & Moon Bodhi Seed Mala (Polished) 108 6-7mm Abacus Beads

This powerful mala has been strung with absolute Purity of Practice and Intention. These blessed seed beads were birthed through the Sacred Bodhi Tree. They were conscientiously harvested, handcrafted into the finest mala, then blessed by Tibetan Buddhist Lamas.

Bodhi in sanskrit translates to “enlightened” or "awakenened," therefore the bodhi seed means “enlightened seed.” Bodhi is also a term in Buddhism to reflect a Buddha’s understanding of the true nature of things.

These magnificent “Moon and Stars” Bodhi seeds are dynamic working beads as the moons will open and reveal themselves amongst the stars, the more often they are worked with in Practice. The oils that occur naturally on your hands, transferred to the seeds while in mantra practice, will open wide, more and more moons, over time.

Bodhi seeds derive their bountiful benefits and meaning from the source, the Bodhi Tree, and its legendary association with the Buddha. Sanskrit texts cite the Bodhi Tree in India as the place of the Buddha’s first achieving enlightenment. As such, the seeds from the Bodhi tree are connected to Buddhism and traditional Buddhist rites such as meditation, as the pathway (Dharma) to achieving enlightenment or Bodhi, as it is also termed in Sanskrit.

Naturally, the seeds of the Bodhi have multiple purposes and assist in reciting mantras for meditation, similar to prayer beads on a rosary. The beads, made from seeds of the Bodhi are sacred and healing by both the properties of the tree itself and the mental connections to the source of spiritual heights, the Buddha.

All Zambala malas are handmade in Nepal and on the Tibetan plateau, then each is blessed by Tibetan Buddhist Lamas.

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Stars & Moon Buddhi Seed:
Abacus 6-7mm

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