Stupa Gold Plated with Crystal Dome (S)

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Stupa GP w crystal dome:

Hieght : 5 Inches

Base : 2.5 X 2.5 Inches

Stupas were found in India before the birth of Buddha Shakyamuni where mounds of dirt were built around a tree as a tomb for the remains of important figures such as kings and heroes. It’s said that the Buddha was the one who changed that practice when he asked that his own remains be placed within stupas that would represent the Awakened Nature, as a reminder of the potential for enlightenment within us all. When it was time for Buddha Shakyamuni to pass into nirvana, he instructed his followers to cremate his body and place his relics in a stupa so that people of future generations could make a connection with Buddhism and experience the Buddha’s blessings. What followed was a tradition of stupa building that resulted in many thousands of stupas being built all over Asia. Stupas exist in every Buddhist country in the world and in every Buddhist tradition. They are places of pilgrimage for those seeking their blessings.

Stupa's are a monument to enlightened activity and often contain the relics and ashes of beloved loved ones, and teachers. The Buddha said to even gaze at a stupa guarantee's enlightenment. We send with each stupa a small bag of blessed and concreted items that can be put inside. If you do not wish you put the items inside you can place them in any area you want protection, purification, or blessings.

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