Vajrakilaya purifying incense - 300 gm / 10.58 ounces

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Vajrakilaya (Protection) ~ to protect and purify negative influences


This variety is blended and blessed by Tibetan masters during the 49 day Tibetan Buddhist Grand Prayers of Vajrakilaya. Purify any space, calm the mind and center your energy with Vajrakilaya. Vajrakilaya (Protection) is a very powerful protector capable of removing obatacles and clearing negative energy. It cleanses an environnent completely and minimizes difficult situations. Vajrakilaya provides protection from harmful or destructive forces and encfourages inner peace and compassion. The scent of Vajrakilaya (Protection) is the dew covered aromatic woods in the early morning by a Himalayan morning by a Himalayan mountain lake side.


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Vajrakilaya purifying incense:
300 gm / 10.58 ounces

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