Vajrasattva Coil Incense 24Hrs

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Vajrasattva Coil Incense:
Burns 24 Hrs

Net Weight: 328 gram

【Vajrasattva】(Inner Spa) ~ to enhance spiritual awareness and focus

The Buddhist aspect of Vajrasattva (Inner Spa) brings purification of our negative karma from past lives including the present and cleanses our internal energy channels(hence the words ‘inner spa’) It is an indispensable aid in meditation balancing our inner and outer environment. It purifies the air, calms the mind bringing clarity and awareness and induces a natural state of peace. The scent of Vajrasattva(inner Spa) will remind you of the uplifting and subtle fragrance of the Himalayan forest. 
For the creation of this special incense, a “mother” blend of sacred substances was gathered and rolled into small blessing pills called “mendrup” These sacred pills, blessed by many realized Tibetan masters, are combined with other rare herbal, medicinal, and precious mineral ingredients to produce high quality Tibetan incense that carries many profound blessing.

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