Wrathful Food Torma

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This Wrathful Food Torma is 3 inches tall made from polyresin with fine finishing.

On the shrine we use these tormas for the traditional outer peaceful and inner wrathful offerings. Peaceful offerings are pleasing to the senses and thus enhance positive qualities. They create positive feelings, are an antidote to miserliness, and therefore accumulate merit. While you can use water or the actual substance’s tormas can take their place and are a very welcome addition. Peaceful tormas, of a flower, bundle of incense, and food takes the place of water in the corresponding offering cups on the shrine. Wrathful offerings are related to the tantric tradition and emphasize the accumulation of wisdom. Through offering wrathful substances, our conceptual limitations of accepting what is perceived as positive and rejecting what is perceived as negative are liberated.

Shrine offering bowls substance from left to right:

  • Water for drinking
  • Water for bathing
  • Flowers - Use a Flower Torma
  • Incense - Use an Incense Torma
  • Perfume
  • Food - Use a Food Torma
  • Music
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